UK Teatime Results

Teatime Result
Wednesday, November 25th, 2020

UK Teatime Results for Today is recently announced and latest update is available here. You can check all the information about winning numbers on regular basis on this webpage as result announced. Additionally, you can also check hot or cold balls & teatime results history.

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Teatime Latest Results 2020

Second draw of the day, Teatime is drawn at 5:49 (PM) every day. If you are player you can check all the latest updates here. UK teatime results are updated at exact time on regular basis.

If you want to see uk teatime previous results, you can also check history of past months on this website. From the past results you can choose hot and cold pairs for upcoming UK teatime results. Moreover, you can also check lunch-time for past months on this website.

Hot & Cold Balls

Hot balls are those lucky digits that are drawn most of time in UK teatime latest results. Players use these lucky numbers for upcoming draws. Cold balls are the numbers that are drawn fewer times in UK teatime results. 

After explanation of hot and cold ball you have came to know that these are wining number that remain hottest and coldest in past history. You can check all the numbers on this website that remain very hot in last four years on the other hand last drawn number for last four years. Moreover, we update these statics time to time.

How to play for Teatime Results?

Teatime is very easy to play and its procedure of playing is very easy to understand because it has no hard and fast rules to play. If you are new and want to know that how to play for teatime. Then, follow up just few simple steps to join this amazing game.

Simply, in Uk teatime results you can bet on numbers from 1 to 49 numbers. In teatime six numbers and a one booster ball is drawn and you can choose either six number or 7 (included booster ball). You can play online and offline.

Why UK Teatime Results is so famous?

Here we are going to explain few reasons that make this game more popular among the players.

  • Teatime draw is best option for those players that remain busy all the day. They can try their luck in this second draw.
  • It is very easy and straightforward to play no hard and fast rule to play this amazing game.
  • You can invest as much in UK teatime results as your pocket money allow you.
  • No fix prize or jackpot in this game. As much you invest as much you can earn.
  • You can play online and offline also.
  • You can get hot and cold ball numbers and lot of predictions from different platform to enhance your chances of wining.
  • UK Teatime results is drawn every day, you can earn lot of money on daily basis.

That’s all about UK teatime results for today that we have explained above. If you think all the provided information is helpful for you. For more information about bookmark this informational website. You can encourage us by leaving your comment in the comment section. Thanks


Teatime draw is held at 5:49 PM (UK) daily. We are going to publish UK teatime latest results for Today. You can check results each day.

Hot balls are those numbers that are drawn most of the time in uk teatime previous results. There are some chances of winning the teatime by using hot balls. We don’t force you to use these balls. You can check hot and cold pairs for upcoming draws everyday to enhance your performance.